About Us

Raven Cosmetics Limited was founded in January 2021. The idea behind our name originates from our love of glitter and crystals, hence how Raven was chosen. Ravens are in the Corvidae family which are a family of bird species that tend to have a fascination for shiny and sparkly things!

Our ambition is to be able to eventually be a one-stop cosmetic store and offer the highest quality cosmetic products to our customers, with certain ranges and items being reserved for professional use only (proof of certification is required to order these items) this is to ensure that these products are used safely and correctly. 

Meet the team!

Leona is our Lead Ambassador and is also an Award Winning Nail Tech and the owner of Leoko Cre8tive. If you’d like to see more of her work then give her a follow on her Instagram page @leokocre8tive


Contact Information:

Raven Cosmetics Limited

Company number: 13097082

19 Chapel Lane, Glastonbury, BA6 8TB 

+44 (0)7484 274893